Dive Sites Map Local shore dive locations, as well as a few of the common wharfs to catch charters

Tide Tables Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Calculate Cylinder (Tank) Buoyancy

The Leatherback Turtle in Atlantic Canada - Nova Scotia Leatherback Turtle Working Group

Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia Department of Oceanography

Institute of Ocean Sciences, BC Canadian Department of Fisheries & Oceans

University of British Columbia Oceanography Department

University of Victoria Centre for Earth & Ocean Research

Canadian Shark Research Laboratory at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Official Dive Gear Page Scuba Diving Equipment Manufacturers List

Worldwide Scuba Diving Clubs Directory - Travelling? Find a local club to dive with.

DirectoryDiving.com - Scuba Diving Web Directory



nswrecks.net Nova Scotia Wrecks

Northern Maritime Research Northern Shipwrecks Database

The Arrow Article from June '98 Diver Magazine

The S/S Atlantic Norway-Heritage

The S/S Finchley Article by Pat Young

Arrow Trip 2008 Article by Cliff Andrews

Skipper Dave's Charters A charter boat to get to the local wreck dive sites.

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