The Halifax Leatherbacks Scuba Club is proudly sponsored by:
Diver's World


The Halifax Leatherbacks Scuba Club was started in April 2001. The aim of the club is to keep divers active in the sport as well as promote the good name of scuba divers in general. Although we schedule a wide variety of dives, our club focuses mainly on dives of the novice to advanced level, with the goal of keeping new divers interested in the sport, as well as providing them with a social group of buddies to call upon at any time. The club consists of members of all certification levels from Basic through to Master Instructor.

We are very fortunate to be sponsored by Divers World in Lakeside Industrial Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our charters are aboard their 46 foot Cape Island style vessel the Divecom 3. It is Coast Guard approved and fully equipped to handle 16 divers.

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